The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies


Verdiem was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

John Scumniotales is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Verdiem, which has its principal location in Seattle, Washington. This private company began operations in 2001 with the main objective of energy conservation as it affects business using banks of computers. Somewhere, along the communications line, word went out proclaiming that turning electronics on and off was a waste of electricity.

Company Mission

Verdiem works on dispelling that misleading information with products to disprove the myths that persist regarding energy consumption. It is no myth that PCs are vital to any company doing business today. They are big energy-eaters and run constantly - although they are in productive use less than 30% of the time they are operating.

By implementing the Verdiem technology, many users are experiencing positive results. They contribute to a greener environment and, in turn, experience a greener fiscal reality. Cisco is one company able to gain assistance from Verdiem when they were developing their EnergyWise platform in 2009.

Joint Goals

Verdiem produces the Surveyor 6 PC power management software. By itself, Surveyor 6 is just software. However, combine it with the Cisco EnergyWise hardware and customers can control and conserve the energy use of PCs, Macs and other network devices.

Over a ten year period, Verdiem solves two pressing problems. They provided a solution to Cisco by working closely with them over the past three years in an effort to perfect their EnergyWise products. The organizations utilizing the PC management program from Verdiem report savings of 60% on their former energy expenses.

The Verdiem Product

Verdiem develops power management software for North American PC networks. The systems carry no fancy names, but each name identifies the process under control. Four of the units include:

  • Surveyor 6
  • Analyze Usage
  • Enforce Policies
  • Optimize Savings

Using the software individually or through integration of the units, several outcomes could occur. Analyze Usage helps establish the baseline for saving energy by detecting and organizing devices. With this information, a company can create user policies that outline schedules and predict nearly accurate savings when energy consumption is under control.

Beyond Analysis

Enforce Policies defines power management and how to properly handle exceptions, which could be waiting in the wings to strike. This software also can overcome the Windows "sleep" disorders while preventing loss of data. If activities - or lack thereof - are the responsibility of certain management levels, this unit will distribute access control to the correct administrative levels.

Optimize Savings can identify and duplicate energy efficient protocols while it also eliminates underutilized devices. This software can locate, diagnose and isolate hardware that has become problematic. Verdiem products help measure energy consumption for enterprises, government entities and educational institutions.

Partners and Competitors

The Verdiem products have found their way around the world through company sales partners who distribute products in at least 15 countries:

  • Africa Lithuania
  • Australia Luxembourg
  • Belgium Netherlands
  • Estonia Portugal
  • France Spain
  • Ireland South America
  • Latvia Scandinavia
  • United Kingdom

Verdiem is not alone in this field, however. There are some formidable competitors who offer PC power management systems, such as Data Synergy, Nightwatchman and Power Save. Their missions are similar as are their goals to embrace energy saving solutions.

Other leading technology and energy companies work closely with Verdiem to support and produce inclusive energy saving and IT efficiency. Three of these companies are Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens who are also busy with energy efficiency solutions. The Surveyor 6 integrates easily with Microsoft products and boosts IT efficiency while allowing for the success of patch technology and updates for software in both PC and Mac environments.

Technological Breakthroughs

Funding by a venture capital firm with Al Gore as a partner, Verdiem is the driving force behind the growth of green IT services. This company is also part of the EPA EnergyStar program and holds premier partner status within the US Department of Energy with their Rebuild America program.

Through a marketing company (Point Clear), Verdiem has come in contact with decision-makers in major companies. Verdiem estimates that their clients will realize electricity savings of over 100 million kWh. This is the equivalent of taking 13,700 cars off the road for one full year.