The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies


ALBEO Tech was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

Albeo Technologies, Inc. designs lighting products for industrial and commercial installations. The company manufactures light emitting diode (LED) lighting products, channel and wrap products, cove lighting, display cases, under cabinet lighting, troffers and conversion. These products are in use for lighting cold storage, data storage centers, food processing, general office, parking garage, school and sports arenas and facilities.

Company Information

Albeo has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado where it was founded in 2004. The lighting products that it manufactures for sale in the United States and Canada are marketed through agents in both countries. Its most effective selling point is the efficiency of its high-end 80,000 lumens that over-delivers and out-produces its equivalent fluorescent light tube.

This company is an example of excellence in the field of clean technology and is showing rapid growth in green job creation. Albeo is a driving force in the effort to build a green, sustainable economy through innovation and energy efficient LED lighting. Even the United States Department of Energy (DOE) granted at least five awards for the green technology this lighting company is producing.

Products and Services

Products that Albeo manufactures are quite flexible and made-to-order for the space they need to light. They are able to efficiently fit a broad series of uses in commercial and industrial environments. Albeo Technologies addresses the needs of companies with their deep knowledge of lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

High quality LED lighting is able to make a significant difference in so many professional environments. Some of these settings have not been given much, if any, attention from research and development lighting solution manufacturers until now.

Environmental Awards

Albeo Technologies leads the group of top contenders in the environmentally-friendly LED lighting field. Their dedication to quality lighting with LED products made to fit the situation helps to place these recognitions and awards on the company shelf:

  • Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL Magazine
  • Inc. 500/5000
  • IES Progress Report
  • GCCA Later Stage Award - Global Top 30
  • Mercury 100
  • Lightfair International Innovation Award
  • Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) 2012, 2009, 2008
  • Top 100 Green Companies
  • Colorado Companies to Watch
  • Colorado Sustainable Medal of Honor
  • National Renewable Energy Lab Growth Forum
  • Lighting For Tomorrow: Solid State Lighting Design Award
  • Global CleanTech

Hidden in Plain Sight

PriceChopper is a Northeastern grocery chain of 128 stores in this region of the United States. Today, it is realizing a savings of almost $64,000 each year in the cost of lighting the stores. They made a change in their Rotterdam, NY freezer warehouse.

SmartLighting supplies intelligent lighting solutions to cold storage industry. They were the evaluating team for lighting solutions that fit PriceChopper needs. The installation of the lighting solution shows an instant savings equal to 72% in energy usage costs applied to lighting.

SmartWatt Energy did a thorough construction-grade energy use audit of the entire facility. A SmartLighting design was to emerge as a replacement for the existing system with (none other than) Albeo lighting inside freezers and on loading docks. T-8 flourescent lighting of mechanical spaces and electrical spaces with the Daintree Networks' ControlScopetm wireless to control and complete the system.

H-Series by Albeo was the choice of SmartWatt Energy because of its exceptional functioning in cold storage uses. Vice-President of Facilities for PriceChopper stores said that the employees can now see better, which translates into better productivity, significant energy savings and less maintenance.

Air Quality

The United States Environmental Protection Agency calculations reveal that the lighting system solution by SmartLighting eliminates contaminants from the atmosphere. This has an identical environmental result as the removal of 533,513 pounds of greenhouse gases or a 52-acre planting of trees.

Albeo Technologies has installations adding up to 8 million square feet of space so far. They have highly adaptable, dependable, low upkeep LED lighting products, which render energy savings up to 95% with a return on investment of 1-3 years.

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