The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies

Alert Me

Alert Me was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 and 2010 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

AlertMe is a private ownership company in the United Kingdom. It provides energy solutions as well as home monitoring services and hardware allowing users to control and monitor energy use in the home. Making life easier and safer for the individual is at the core of the AlertMe company mission.

General Information

This company provides hardware and software for the home hub, which uses the existing broadband router for its connection to "the cloud" allowing wireless communication between home devices and third party monitoring equipment.

AlertMe is establishing technology that returns the individual to full control of life, limb and home. They provide a single easy-to-use platform transmitting information about your energy, security, appliances, devices and your home wherever you are and whenever the need arises. This platform is open and expandable for future device additions.

Green and Clean Technology

AlertMe listens to their customers and adjusts and delivers services that come to them from their consumers. They also offer protective services to some of the largest suppliers and their individual clients. The delivery of custom and workable services makes them an award-winning company offering a simple user experience hiding in a highly technological and sophisticated platform.

This company develops applications and services for - and with - you while taking into consideration any special needs that are important to you and your family group. In order to operate the system, the user only needs the knowledge of electronic devices that are already available and in use every day: smart phones, laptops, tablets, eReaders and in-home display mechanisms.

An AlertMe system is able to integrate devices that are not even on the market yet. The system is capable of expansion to accommodate a number of devices in the home and online.

Company Workforce and Partners

The latest figures available about this private company reveal a workforce of 45 employees. They are an expanding UK company, which recently put themselves into the North American market with a new office in Oakland, California.

Partners are the market core of this company. AlertMe develops partnerships with other business enterprises. None of the "partners" are under the employ of this company. The partners have their own customers and offer the AlertMe services to their customers. As an example, two partners are the UKs British Gas and the US Lowe's, second largest home improvement chain store in the world.

A partner can offer any one of the services in no particular order. Five major offers that are available to the partners include:

  • Home Energy Management
  • Home Monitoring
  • Home Heating/Cooling Control
  • Smart Appliance Control
  • Micro generation Management

Environmental Responsibility

AlertMe can work with or without a Smart Meter, which is their primary control device. This places them in a unique position to be supportive of more than the Utility or Smart Grid partners. They can also provide on-site assistance for Telecommunication operators, Software developers, Application developers, Home Appliances and Electronic Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The company has very little environmental impact and their products and services can help others to achieve the same result. The partners they select are proof of their efforts in achieving this goal. Energy providers and home improvement centers reach the consumer directly. Their efforts working with these partners brought awards from a number of sources.

Awards and Honours

Since 2009 the AlertMe Company has won a group of awards for their business strategy and their innovative product line. The awards appropriately come from diverse sectors and across various industries:

  • Design Week Consumer Product Design (2009)
  • Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer (2010)
  • Global Cleantech 100 (2009, 2010)
  • Innovation Award for Software in Design (2010)
  • Rosenblatt New Energy Award for Best Deal (2011)
  • Smart Metering UK/EU - Best In Home Display (2012)
  • Red Herring Europe 100 (2012)

Those awards acknowledge a unique business model, residential and business applications as well as an expanding product and service base, which allows for such provisions as:

  • Surveillance technology
  • Security panels
  • Automated control
  • Remote/distance management
  • Alerts/notifications using email and SMS
  • Linked wireless devices
  • Ease of installation
  • IP and analog camera devices

The Smart Home is a technological shelter for the future that is already here. AlertMe Innovations can synchronize that home to suit your emerging lifestyle.