The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies

MIOX Corporation

MIOX Corporation was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

MIOX Corporation has an internationally recognized trademark for the company whose products are in use throughout the United States and 30 more countries worldwide. They began manufacturing water purification generators in 1994 before anyone knew we needed them. From the 64,000-square-foot facility headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico and another manufacturing site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MIOX is advancing technology and products toward its goal of improving access to clean water worldwide.

Green, Clean Technology

The technology applications from MIOX deal specifically with wastewater use and reuse, potable water systems, storage towers for industrial use and measuring water purity in commercial swimming pools. Technology allows them to generate cleaning agents onsite and on demand with salt, water and power as their only ingredients.

Because they are able to do this, their transportation costs are 80% less with the production of fuel consumption and carbon emissions equally lower. Their efforts have successfully eliminated the need to store or dispose of chemical containers. Capital equipment return-on-investment occurs over 1 - 3 years.

Social Responsibility

The needs of volunteer and relief groups, who often live in cramped or rustic environments, use MIOX products as a safe and reliable method to access safe water to drink. Government and Non-Government agencies use the technology as quickly as MIOX develops it to provide immediate water purification as they assist with disaster relief efforts in areas including:

  • New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina
  • Sri Lanka and Thailand after the tsunami in 2004
  • Tabasco, Mexico during the floods

MIOX systems are effective and efficient in remote settings like a Roatan, Honduras orphanage or African villages in Rwanda.

Residential and Emergency Products

Some products are useful to fulfil individual needs relating to power outages and emergency preparedness in cases of natural or human disasters. Recreational industry needs are also met with products from MIOX, especially when clean and drinkable water requirements are significant.

Emergency preparedness units advocate use of a pocket-size water purification system that, when used correctly, will kill some microorganisms that lurk in standing water, rainwater and contaminated water supplies. Such microorganisms include giardia, legionella, anthrax, smallpox and the plague.

Environmentally Friendly Awards

Existing systems are already demanding little power and also are adaptable to use with solar power, portable electricity, rechargeable batteries and/or car batteries. However, MIOX continues to work on design and development of new products that the developing nations can afford and use efficiently. In light of the speed of the MIOX manufacturing model, they are actively searching for distribution partners, existing local manufacturers, micro finance sources and market integration specialists.

United States EPA lists MIOX products as Compliant Technology. The products have certification from NSF International for Quality Drinking Water System Components. Awards from the President's E-Award for "Excellence in Exporting", Popular Science "Best of What's New" grand award for innovation as well as being a verifiable "GoingGreen Top 100" corporation lends credence to MIOX and their environmental responsibility.

Newest Technology

Business Weekly magazine for August 2012 reveals the unveiling of the MIOX purifying technology for the oil and gas industry. This technology also purifies the dirty water released from underground while "fracking" operations are in progress. Workers in the field are able to use the more individualized units, which are about the size of a utility flashlight.

To facilitate the relationship between MIOX and the oil/gas industry, they brought in a new manager to assist with building these bonds from an office in Houston. This previous director of drilling fluid services for Halliburton in the Asian Pacific area will be coordinating communications for MIOX. Despite manufacturing these clean water units, this corporation is constantly upgrading and initiating technologies that could be life-saving over time.

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