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Amantys Ltd (UK)

Amantys Ltd is a pioneer company working to improve the efficiency of power switching by enhancing system performance, regulation with monitors at remote core locations. They are doing this by simplifying integration of newer technologies with the intermediate or high voltage conditions. Effective switching control boosts energy delivery efficiency at every point in the system including generation, supply and use.

Company History

Amantys Ltd began operating in 2010 and has private funds backing it as a company dealing in power electronics. The former ARM executives envisioned products that would be scalable and cost effective with a high degree of reliability and efficiency. Their headquarters are in Cambridge (UK).

The company has a small, rapidly growing and coordinated team of engineers who bring experience to all aspects of power electronics and the necessary digital control. Systems built with Amantys products benefit from greater efficiency, better reliability, easy to design and lower cost to implement. There are three aspects to their vision:

  • Intelligent Power Switch
  • Power InSight
  • Power Drive

These three applications above address challenges from various segments of the marketplace including:

  • Transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Motor drives
  • Traction from locomotive
  • Generation of renewable energy
  • Continuous power supply
  • Vehicles (electric and hybrid)

Amantys Ltd has the support of several groups, which include the Carbon Trust, EEDA and the collaboration of the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering researchers.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Technology

The company feels the industry is experiencing some challenges to improve their current technology. This will require intense concentration on the characteristics of power switching along with very close monitoring of function and consistency. Technology in use today falls short of these expectations, which include:

  • On/off switching
  • Costly interceptors
  • Voltage overrun
  • Power transistor voltage over-specification
  • Inefficient power conversion
  • Repetitive customization of design
  • Inadequate mechanism visibility

Currently, a system designer must choose between efficient, quick switching with the advantage of minimal switching loss, maximum overshoot and ringing or selecting the slower switching that produces high losses but without overshoot. Amantys Ltd enters the scene with gate drive controls for both switching rate and overshoot. Their system allows for low switching losses and minimum overshoot. This approach includes:

  • Manage switching attributes
  • No snubbers (interceptors)
  • No overruns
  • Designers meet requirements of client
  • Diminish switching deficits
  • Create reuse with ordinary digital interface
  • Scrutinize switching characteristics using a Black Box

Groundbreaking Power Switchers

The numerous applications available presents technical challenges demanding total understanding as they forge forward. Amantys is running into problems common to each of the various situations they service. Several solutions are awaiting patent disposition. Exciting approaches for power conversion allow new possibilities with design of power electronics.

Amantys Ltd has blueprints that address power transistor switching for surviving technology as well as emerging technologies similar to Silicon Carbide. The solutions spread out on drawing boards are targeting medium and high voltage situations. These developing solutions promise to:

  • Monitor switching characteristics of power transistors
  • Control switch operation
  • Improve switch efficiency and performance
  • Enhancement of reliability and robustness

Environmental Responsibility

Conservation of power and power systems helps residential, commercial and industrial users. Efficient delivery of power, especially renewable power, benefits residential use and the source of that power can become cost effective for homes, vehicles and the technology that operates them. The design of this technology is first priority at Amantys.

The first product on the road to enabling success of their vision is the Amantys Power Drive made up a series of compatible modules from various manufacturers. The Amantys Power InSight made its appearance shortly thereafter. Finally, the vision to redefine power electronics will come to fruition when the Intelligent Power Switch makes its appearance in the marketplace.

Amantys Ltd has customers with an interest in technology, which receives upgrades consistently, thus improving efficiency and performance as well as reliability. Their newest device, the Intelligent Power Switch, integrates power transistors, diodes, gate controllers and microprocessors with an efficient design and a common location bringing critical units close to one another.

Honors and Awards

Their efforts are not without recognition. During 2012, Amantys received an honor or award every month. The company began operations in 2010 with a vision to change and upgrade the design, implementation and control of power electronic systems. Among their awards are:

  • Global Cleantech 100 for two years in a row
  • British Engineering Excellence Award for Start Up of the Year
  • EEDA gave strategic project funding to Amantys

Amantys is shortlisted for Power System Product of the Year Award. The recipients will know who they are on 12 December 2012.

Contact This Company

Amantys Ltd is in Cambridge, England. For more information, system descriptions, partnerships and investor funding, contact this company using the following information:

Amantys Ltd
Platinum Building
St John's Innovation Park
Cowley Road
Cambridge, CB4 0WS
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 1223 652 450