The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies


ChromoGenics was included in the Cleantech Group's 2008 and 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

ChromoGenics is a worldwide leader in the development of electrochromic products for shading windows in homes, passenger vehicles, boats and buildings. Situations that require visual or temperature comfort can use ChromoGenic applications to ensure efficient and safe operation.

This company launch in 2003 came after more than 20 years of research by Professor Claes-Goran Granqvist and his team. The applications that the team develops feature energy efficient window treatments that offer creature comfort levels for surrounding environments. ChromoGenics has strong patent portfolios to protect their essential elements, applications and processes.

The ChromoGenics team began studying energy efficient window applications in Angstrom Laboratory at Uppsala University in Sweden. Applications obtaining the most energy efficient window treatments would consist of more than a piece of glass. It would be efficient, architecturally pleasing glass for use in both commercial and residential building windows.

Making It Work

The most promising "switchable" technology for multi-situation use is electrochromic glazing, which has both commercial and residential applications. It is their most recent technology development - ConverLight foil. ChromoGenics has a unique position in the production of electrochromics for windows.

ChromoGenics is the only company that works with electrochromic plastic foil that does not come from flat glass applications for solutions. Their product is from rolls and its manufacturing is in alignment with major entities within the construction industry. ChromoGenics has a singular focus on this application and its uses.

Their vision for the application of this product is to help others understand the units of construction scalability. This is necessary to assist in splitting end-product manufacturing into smaller work fragments. They see this as increasing protection given to processes and materials.

Investments and Partnerships

The company has financing from equity investments. Major investors include New Energy Solutions (NES), Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) and K Svets Venture AB.

The most appealing part of this technology is that monitoring the use of electric power is less time consuming and encourages a productive workplace. Optimal working window treatments perform efficiently because of the multilayer internal structure housing temperature sensitive materials between two plastic films. This flexible, lightweight ConverLight Foil is capable of changing the degree of shading with a shot of low electrical voltage.

The application of this technology accounts for the large amount of energy savings. Foil does not use any electric power unless the natural shading alters, thus changing temperature in the workspace. Partners and investors recognize the value of ChromoGenics' research, development and product use by backing the company with equity funding.

ChromoGenics Workforce

While it will take some time for all the answers and evaluations that the cleantech world expects to see in the model ChromoGenics offers, right now this company is looking at rapid growth strategies. As they do so, many intelligent minds will move forward with comparable new solutions. They will go from drawing boards to reality - contributing their products to sustainable societies.

At this time, ChromoGenics is moving from development to marketing and production and are on the lookout for talent that complements technology staff. Their current employee count shows less than 50 people working for this privately held engineering company. Since they command a leading position in this industry, ChromoGenics has an interest in adding talent to their workforce. However, lack of it will not stop them from moving forward.

Smart Window Technology

The ChromoGenics solution can reduce energy use in buildings by at least 50%, making windows more energy efficient by 30% to 85%. This brings down the cooling system load as much as 40%. Cost efficient roll-to-roll coating of electrochromatic thin and flexible foil is responsible for this energy factor.

Electrochromatic technology decreases greenhouse gases as less energy waste occurs inside buildings. The most important environmental impact lies in the fact that fuel use is lower in vehicles with this special window treatment.

Honors and Awards

ChromoGenics is accumulating honors and awards for their high market impact. Among the awards is the much-coveted Global Cleantech 100. More than half of the companies listed on the Global Cleantech 100 are North American and 36% are European. In addition, 5 firms are in Israel and 3 are in India.

Global Cleantech 100 highlights the hundred most promising private clean technology companies around the world. It recognizes companies with solutions to most global environmental challenges. Meanwhile, ChromoGenics lists three awards as the most important of their honors:

  • Germany - Most Promising Technology Award from Cleantech Forum XIII in 2007
  • London - New Energy University Spin Out Award from Rosenblatt New Energy Awards in 2008
  • United Kingdom - Global Cleantech 100 from Guardian and Cleantech Groups in 2009