The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies

Arvia Technology

Arvia Technology was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

When talking about market changing and award-winning methods for treating contaminated water or waste water, Arvia Technology Ltd should come to mind. A well-known and highly recognized team of academic, research and management specialists came together in 2007 to form a trusted international supplier of clean water technology. Their solutions are a dramatic change from the traditional methods used to achieve clean water.

Green, Clean Technology

The Arvia solution destroys organic contamination with a method that uses very little energy and is free of dangerous chemicals. This leaves little disposable solid or liquid waste. Some of the industries Arvia services include swimming pools, raw water treatment, nuclear decommissioning, pharmaceuticals, industrial wastewater, groundwater remediation, pulp and paper.

As a summary, Arvia's technology provides the following major benefits:

  • No chemicals
  • No solid or liquid waste
  • Close to 90% cost effective
  • Energy efficient and very little release of carbon dioxide
  • Regeneration of adsorbents

Environmental Responsibility

Arvia's method of treating water and wastewater requires very little expenditure of energy and needs no additional chemicals. Nothing needs to be transported off-site for disposal, which means it is a single process and saves money and energy by cutting out the disposal process. Arvia is able to apply the process to more toxic organic material that is non-biodegradable.

This process is 90% more energy efficient than any other available procedures. It is a patented and reusable adsorption process that captures and destroys organic pollutants in a low power electrochemical process. Some of the organic materials the process can remove include:

  • Pesticides
  • Chlorinated organic material
  • Medicines
  • Oils
  • Paints

Environmental Awareness Awards

As a result of their efforts, Arvia Technology has been accepting awards since 2008. The awards include one Award for Innovation from the Institution of Chemical Engineers, which acknowledges Arvia's contribution in the field of water. 2009 was a banner award year.

The Guardian Global Cleantech 100makes their award to clean technology companies. Consideration for this award requires that the company suggest and execute answers to some of the world's most challenging environmental problems.

An all-inclusive award in 2009 came from the Institution of Engineering and Technology. This is the International Sustainability Innovation Award acknowledging a company that makes a strong contribution to sustainability working in the field of engineering, science and technology.

Arvia took the Rushlight Clean Environment Award in 2010in recognition of the partnership with Magnox to develop a new, innovative treatment for radioactive oil waste. This is done in a single unit and uses Nyex, an adsorption material.

Residential and Industrial Emergencies

The first thing necessary when an emergency strikes is clean, drinkable water. If the only available water is groundwater, then it needs to be treated before it is used.

This process of decontaminating water that is mixed with hydrocarbons is one that Arvia shares with remediation specialist Geo2. They earned the award for Most Innovative Remediation Method from the Brownfield Briefing Magazine in 2010.

Residential Applications

Arvia has the alternative revolutionary technology for energy-saving swimming pool water treatment methods. This technology reduces the amount of water that the cleaning process requires and significantly lowers any carbon footprint. The new technology destroys pollutants, economically disinfects residual chlorination and uses only a single functioning unit with low operation and maintenance upkeep.

Arvia demonstrations show that the integrated unit can:

  • Replenish water and reduce maintenance water demand by 75%
  • Treatment costs show a savings of 40%
  • Chlorination can give a reduction of 66.7%

The demand for swimming pools in areas experiencing water shortages is increasing and requires a water-efficient treatment method such as Arvia offers. Places such as Australasia, the Middle East and South America can now cool off in private and community swimming pools without straining the available water supply. The need for clean water and maintaining the available water supply is a worldwide issue and Arvia can help even in the most remote locations.

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