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BridgeLux was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009, 2010 and 2011 and 2012 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

BridgeLux, Inc, the first new light emitting diode (LED) manufacturing company in the United States in the last 20 years, came into being with intentions to lower the cost of LED production. They bring focus and innovation to the table by presenting high power and energy efficient lighting solutions. This company provides its customers with superb service for its specific application solutions, which helps to open fresh opportunities for use of solid-state lighting (SSL).

Green/Clean Information

The products from BridgetLux are optimal for the quantity and quality of light, color, lighting heat and cost for manufacturers to incorporate the lighting sources into their various designs. This optimization results in high-performance LED lighting products for the commercial, industrial and hospitality industries.

Situations that require lighting for 24 hours everyday of the week would benefit from use of BridgeLux products. These high light outputs will see significant savings when using products containing BridgeLux solutions. Manufacturers benefit from reduction in lighting system complexity when designers use miniature, cost-effective designs for lighting solutions.

Social/Corporate Responsibility

Customers/users making the commitment to use BridgeLux's technology help to take the place of the usual energy-eating lamps and luminaires. Incandescent, flourescent or halogen lighting will disappear and solid-state, above average, energy-efficient lighting products supplant the old technology. These white lights are workable solutions for indoor and outdoor high profile applications including streets, track-lighting and open large-space lighting.

Present and future products encourage international clean energy programs by dropping energy use and presenting environmentally responsible decisions for universal lighting functions. The evolving lighting solutions have a lengthy life, which eases the burden on waste and landfills. LED manufacturing delivers money-saving and premium lighting designs and applications. The focus is on efficiency and system cost reductions resulting in greater use and environmental preservation.

Facts and Figures

BridgeLux, Inc has its headquarters in Livemore, CA where it has been since founding in 2002. Within a year, the company made an investment in their goal of releasing the first Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) power die. This was successful and the first shipment of high power LED die left their facility in 2004.

Several years and multiple enhancements later, BridgeLux, Inc was ready with its LED Arrays for solid-state lighting solutions. A year went by and, in 2010, 2nd generation LED Arrays made the debut for general lighting purposes. By 2011, this company was ready to begin working with retail systems, introducing Advanced LED Arrays for retail lighting.

Products and Services

BridgeLux, Inc has a new product offering on the market, which they expect will perform an instrumental role in reduction of the present production cost barriers. These barriers are blocking them from markets that could reap benefits by adopting their energy-efficient SSL technology. LED Arrays is the newest product from this pioneer company in the field of solid-state lighting (SSL).

The company is making strides toward lowering the cost of their systems to expand the market for light-emitting diode (LED) solutions. BridgeLux, Inc protects their technology with approximately 100 filed or granted United States patents for their light sources and systems. There are another 100 worldwide patents on file or granted.

BridgeLux actively and aggressively invests in the development of new technological processes. The advancements coming from research and development set their LED Arrays and microchips at a distance from other companies. BridgeLux has a team with knowledge in InGaN epitaxial expansion practices, mechanical structures, chip plans and LED shipping. Because of this additional resource, BridgeLux, Inc is able to introduce new LED chips with 15% - 20% performance enhancements - on schedule - every six months.

Recent Achievement

Their products are for use by the manufacturers of lighting systems who work directly with end-users to design and install cost-saving and energy efficient solutions to light large, open areas. Early in October of 2012, BridgeLux, Inc made an announcement disclosing their newest installations. Nearly 2000 modern LED luminaires would light two new retail establishments in India.

Using LED technology in the two retail stores will save 318,000 KwH per year. This amounts to approximately 2.5 million Rupees or 38,000 USD of power cost savings. The retail requirements for lighting are quite demanding and represent long hours of power usage.

It became necessary for the design/production group - Asian Retail Lighting Ltd - to provide educational demonstrations along with some thorough explanations of savings benefits. The Indian buying group had to be comfortable that this new system would enhance lighting quality, improve the consumer shopping experience and provide a reduction in power operation costs.

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