The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies


Miartech is a company that develops powerline communication chipsets, energy solutions and other related products. This company has been in business since 2004 operating in China and the United States. Its headquarters are in Shanghai, China.

Another Name for Chipset

A company that deals with chipsets is manufacturing semiconductors. They design integrated circuits for use in grid-energy management systems, industrial control systems and smart home systems.

Chinese experts express their opinions of China's place in the greentech community. They say China is somewhere between the "greatest opportunity" and the "greatest threat" to the green technology sector in the United States.


Suntech is a solar panel company whose chief commercial officer claims that China and the United States are not real competitors. They are just two key countries operating in the global field of green technology.

They both stand to benefit from the opportunity to grow renewable energy businesses in each company. For every solar panel China manufactures, three people are employed in the United States to do the installation. These jobs installing and servicing the installations will never be subject to outsourcing.

On the opposite side of this benefit is China's smart grid expansion with subsidies from the Chinese government. They plan to connect solar and wind resources in the west to main population centers in the east. This requires massive new transmission systems and millions more smart meters for such a project.

Conceptions and Misconceptions

The conception that China's domestic solar industry is catching up to that of the United States is not quite true - at least not yet - and probably will take several more years. Although China is the second largest economy, it is still developing and the people earn poverty level wages by Western standards. However, the domestic solar power market is lagging because the economy has not grown as quickly as the field of renewable energy.

Contrary to current assumptions, China's government is not searching out any foreign partnership for its green technology. The most recent 5-year budget shows the government directing major funding toward energy with matching funds to come from private sector investment. They are looking to cleantech investors and an investment into alternative energy that is almost five times the budget currently for renewable energy.

There is a perception that China is not friendly toward green tech start-ups. However, the situation is such that the angel investors and venture capital available in the United States is not available in China. The Chinese local governments allocate funds to create early-stage incubators in the field of green energy.

The other side of this situation is the misconception that foreign investors are not welcome or offered an exit strategy. The Chinese global head of climate business agrees that the exit of capital investors is not as predictable in China as they are with IPOs in the United States. There is plenty of evidence to show effort toward the improvement of exit strategies.

Green Technology Expansion

Intel Corp has a venture capital division planning an expansion of investment in China during 2013. The company's interests are multipurpose:

  • Watching for openings favorable to foreign investment
  • Presence of innovative technology from Asia
  • Appearance of mobile device technology and ultra-thin laptop computers give hope to investors

Intel has an agenda regarding the advancement into new markets. There must be an open atmosphere allowing emphasis on technology utilizing:

  • Cloud computing
  • Hand-held devices
  • Security issues
  • Software
  • Preservation of environment where discarding mobile devices would impact the ecosystem
  • Growth signalling development of a technological bubble

Intel invests 50% in other regions of the world. Their investments are aggressive in places like India, Brazil, Central Europe and Eastern Europe with the most recent being Turkey and South Africa.

Honors and Awards

In March 2011, Miartech was the recipient of the award naming it one of the key enterprises in Shanghai's smart grid industry - a prestigious award indeed. Miartech was the recipient of second-round investment funding from Intel and TSING CAPITAL in November 2011.

This funding award led to its naming as one of China's Top 20 Clean Technology Businesses in December 2011. By 2012, its crowning achievement is making the list of Global Cleantech 100 companies.

Social Responsibility

To make it as a viable entity in the modern world, a company needs to acknowledge and educate their neighbors with achievements and participation in the community. Their philosophy is to be profitable and responsible to the shareholders. However, the ultimate focus is on the human value of the company employees and customers. The third focus is to social progress and environmental protection.

Contact This Company

Miartech has headquarters in Shanghai, China and operates in both China and the United States. Central information is available by any of the following forms of communication:

Zhangheng Road
Zhangheng Hi-Tech Park
Pudong New District
Shanghai, 201204
Phone: 86 21 5027 1118
Fax: 86 21 5107 9511