The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies


ClimateWell was included in the Cleantech Group's 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

ClimateWell was founded in 2001 when two friends decided that they would make a thermal heat pump, which would be economical and environmentally friendly. One of the friends, Mr Goran Bolin, had a successful history in various entrepreneurial industries.

Mr Bolin was responsible for creating Solsam Sunergy long before the green revolution began. The company became Sweden's biggest and best performing solar collector producer. Mr Ray Olsson, his buddy, became the entrepreneur who built SunCool. This company began to grow Triple-State absorption technology in the mid 1970s.

Evolution of ClimateWell

The merger of Solsam Sunergy and SunCool became ClimateWell in 2001. Bolin and Olsson had the basis for their core product: solar-power air conditioning. As a result, consultants, professors and investors willingly offered support. ClimateWell took shape and Mr Per Olofsson became CEO of the new brand company.

ClimateWell built a new production plant in Olvega, Spain to accommodate international expansion when the company began to sell its products in the global marketplace. This expertise came to the team along with Mr Olofsson, the master of global business excellence.

Continuing on its current path, it appears the future is positive for this business using eco-technology for heating and cooling functions. Today, concentration is on incorporating groundbreaking technology into water heaters, boilers and air conditioners for trucks. ClimateWell builds segments for leading makers of heating and cooling devices.

Typical Components

A typical component has three key elements:

  • The reactor contains a salt solution and connects to the heat source during the process of charging. As the liquid returns, it warms again and has the ability to begin heating spaces.
  • The condenser takes the vapor from a reactor during the charging process.
  • The evaporator removes liquid from the condenser allowing it to cool down for use in air conditioning.

The piece that surrounds each element can fit an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assembly creation by customizing it before integration. Presently, ClimateWell provides these components:

  • HeatBoost
  • Verdacc
  • CoolStore

These three modules have their basis in patent ownership sorption technology. The prime tenet is a compound heat pump with a combination of energy storage and dry salt. There is a difference between this process and conventional absorption.

Working modules function with a lack of crystallization concerns, no requirement for heat control or timing and no moving parts in the sorption core. All ClimateWell components have a heat source for power. The release of energy comes with a cold side and a hot side. This process is heat driven without the need for a compressor.

Environmental Benefits

68% of household energy consumption in the United States goes to heat or cool the buildings. Only 50% of the total energy consumption in European countries goes to heat buildings and industries as well as produce domestic hot water. Heat is the largest global consumer of energy.

There is noticeable, increasing demand for indoor climate solutions. When one family installs an air conditioning system, they add another 50% to their energy use. If we continue the use of alternative (finite) energy for power, it makes widespread use of renewable energy - per the mutually agreed Kyoto commitments - impossible to attain.

ClimateWell is making its technology universally available to benefit both user and the environment. They are working intensely to meet the climatic challenges ahead. These include:

  • Raising awareness of renewable energy among consumers and politicians
  • Informing construction and building industry leaders of the value of priceless renewable energy
  • Demonstrating unique capability to contribute to better indoor climate that consumes renewable energy for maintenance
  • Educating each other to value and savings that renewable energy offers economically and individually

Renewable energy includes solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass sources. Each renewable resource has huge potential to replace incredible amounts of fossil fuels we presently drill to use for heating, electricity and cooling purposes.

Honors and Awards

ClimateWell continues to qualify for awards, honors and recognitions for this global commitment to clean energy and simple production techniques. Some of these prizes and awards include:

  • 2010: Best Green Building in the Middle East
  • 2010: Certification for Best LEED Platinum Building (Middle East)
  • 2009: Fastest Growing Company (Cleantech Connect Awards)
  • 2009: Most Promising Mature Clean Tech Start-Up in Europe (TransAtlantic Green Platform, France)
  • 2007: Technology Pioneer (World Economic Forum in Switzerland)
  • 2007: Corporate Social Responsibility Entrepreneur
  • 2005: International Solar Cooling Technology (Germany)

The ClimateWell Group was an early recipient of a spot on the Top 250 Global Silicon Valley List of companies demonstrating significant market traction as well as pursuing some innovative game-changing technologies. Their awards include First Prize from the Swedish Solar Thermal Energy Association. ClimateWell is one of the Scandinavian Top 50 Cleantech Companies.

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