The World's Top Ten Clean Technology Companies

JAIN Corporation

JAIN Corporation was included in the Cleantech Group's 2009 list of Top 100 Clean Tech Companies

An Indian corporation, Jain Corporation manufactures product lines full of substitutions for environmentally irresponsible products. They have a mission to fulfill from company roots caring for nature. Jain has irrigation systems that do more for the environment than just irrigate.

Inventory, Location and Workers

Company representatives regularly provide consulting and project planning services for enterprises planning multi-energy renewable resources. Jain has an industry-specific inventory profile - for which they own most of the manufacture copyrights or patents. These include:

  • Sprinkler Drip Irrigation Systems and their necessary components
  • Polyethylene & Polypropylene Pipe Systems
  • Agro Processed Products: Dehydrated Vegetables and Onions, Processed Fruits, Grafted & Hybrid Plants, Shade Houses and Greenhouses, Fertilizers, Green Energy focusing on use of solar resources.
  • Watershed Crop Selection and Rotation
  • Wasteland Reclamation, Crop Selection and Rotation

Jain has 97 offices and 52 warehouses on 4 continents in 120 countries around the world. They also have 6700 distributors and a global workforce of over 7000. More than 1500 engineers, technologists and technicians are employed as agriculture and irrigation scientists.

Roots of the Jain Plant of Success

The Jain Corporation traces its heritage back to 1887 and the arrival of their farming forefathers at the foothills of Ajanta Caves in search of water and food. Eighty years later, Bhavarlal Jain - a law school graduate - founded the family business in 1963, becoming a cart-trader selling kerosene.

With only Rs. 7000 available from the savings of three generations of family, the Jain company became a family partnership. They were quick in the establishment of three agencies: one selling two wheelers (bicycles), another selling automobiles and a third selling auto accessories. Thus began a series of events with inspirational knowledge that agriculture is a profession with a future.

Soon Jain brought in tractors, sprinkler systems and other farming equipment with additional supplements of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides.

Growth of an Enterprise

By 1978 Jain sales grew to Rs. 110 million. At this point, they were a uniquely unusual and everlasting enterprise. This achievement was the result of consistent high standards in performance and personal behavior integrated with a strong sense of commitment to business, such as meeting sales goals, making payments on time and dealing cooperatively with national and international corporate representatives.

This personal and corporate diligence gave Jain the reputation of being trustworthy and upstanding serving well when entering into industrial activities. In 1978, a Rite of Passage unexpectedly made a visit to the corporation. They bid at auction and won a 14-year-old Banana Powder Plant that came upon hard times. Its finances were toxic until plant modification would allow the plant to produce Papain.

Going International

A trip to New York City in 1978 put Jain Corporation "on the map" while they were searching for customers needing Jain Papain. The unexpected discovery was that competition for raw materials worldwide was stiff and challenging. A top-notch Research & Development team were able to develop a highly pure refined Papain.

Recognizing an ability to compete globally meant the company image must be spotless - one of leadership, innovation and commitment. However, whatever the route this company would travel, their roots in nature and natural surroundings would always be with them. It would be the influential factor that carries them forward.

Green/Clean and Responsible

Mankind is dependent on nature as much as nature depends on mankind. It is an inter-dependent relationship that can only evolve through protection and advancement. Jain made a commitment to improve and defend the environment by updating processes, improving products and making their facilities environmentally friendly.

Jain takes responsibility very seriously and, to maintain their mission, these practices come under constant scrutiny and enforcement:

  • To produce high quality products with timely delivery, reasonable costs and competitively equal to products in the marketplace
  • To diligently preserve and conserve natural resources by educating and selling plastic pipes, micro irrigation systems and protective plastic sheets for use in the housing industry
  • Enhance the quality and production of agricultural produce by promoting irrigation, farming systems and crops
  • Minimize generation of waste products while preventing and controlling pollution that accompanies those waste products
  • Optimal use of raw materials in the manufacturing process
  • Prevention of injury and illness by investigating incidents, conducting risk assessments and mandating resolutions to eliminate the problem
  • Educational awareness of resources and environment through training, activities and communication that involves all levels of workers everywhere
  • Compliance with occupation, environment and safety laws
  • Continuous upgrades in quality, environmental issues and health/safety by incorporation of feasible technology and active participation of all workers within the corporation

Honours and Awards

The Jain Corporation is the annual recipient of many honours and awards. Their representative took an award and a trophy back to the office in 2011: Outstanding contribution to sustainable business models and innovation and their outstanding contribution in the field of water use in India.

2010 was a banner year for Jain. They snagged no less than ten acknowledgements for their work in individual knowledge, household agricultural pursuits and the research and development of highly effective technology to increase produce yields using much less water. As pioneers in cultivation methodology for food production, Jain did gain the Social & Corporate Governance Award several times during the year.

Jain Corporation made the top 100 list of most promising clean technology companies on our planet along with recognition of their efforts in Israel. The corporation was the recipient of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce Award for the Largest Investment by an Asian Company in Israel. The list goes on with citations for:

  • Export performance
  • Processing plastics
  • Developing drip irrigation systems
  • Serving and coordinating world class telecom systems
  • Building wealth without sparing expense for research and development that will raise farming incomes by using water, energy and fertilizer sparingly and efficiently.

With an array of copyrights and patents pending, the world can expect the next big environment or conservation product to come directly from Jain Corporation of India.